Migros Gastronomy

Certified products available in the Migros gastronomy

In Switzerland around 30% of the population suffer from allergies and intolerances. In people with food allergies, even minute quantities of allergenic foods can sometimes be enough to trigger severe reactions. This means sufferers always have to be vigilant about the ingredients of foods when doing their shopping. Similarly, many allergy sufferers find that a restaurant visit involves a lot of awkward questions, which can make them feel very uncomfortable. The Migros Gastronomy pays attention to this topic and expands its range of products suitable for guests with allergies and intolerances.

In addition to the already existing gluten- and lactose-free salad dressings, which are available in all Migros restaurants, selected Migros restaurants and takeaways have expanded their range of products for allergy sufferers. These products are available since the beginning of October 2014. All products bear the Swiss Allergy Label and allow enjoyment and well-being in one. Here you can find a list of the restaurants (in German).

The product range includes all the gluten- and lactose-free proportioned salad dressings, individually wrapped gluten-free bread and cakes and coffee with lactose-free milk. In addition, the offer is complemented with sandwiches and crunchy cereal for allergy sufferers. Which ingredients are not included in these products are clearly marked on the respective packages. Pay attention to the additional information on the products.

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