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Softsan Protect Plus Allergy Protection Encasings for Pillows

Scientifically tested encasings for pillows used in cases of dustmite allergies. The pillows are completely enclosed in the encasing, thereby reducing allergen contamination. The newly developed microfiber material is not chemically treated but rather environmentally friendly produced and adheres to strict medicinal requirements. Due to the breathable material the accustomed sleep comfort is not compromised.

Softsan Protect Plus Allergy Protection Encasings for Pillows

Product Features:
- Protection from allergy causing mite allergens
- Highest protection available as tested for particle retention capacity
- Light climatic, breathable material designed for quality sleep comfort
- Effective allergen reduction for dustmite sufferers
- The microfibers have not been treated and are under strict toxicity control
- Easy, safe handling and care
- Washable up to 95 degrees C, dryer suitable
- TÜV tested and regularly controlled.

Application: First place the pillow inside the encasing and close the allergen tight zipper. Then place the encased pillow inside your pillowcase as you normally would. The encasing should be washed every 3 months or so to ensure its hygienic state.

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Appropriate product for:

  • House dust mite allergy

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