IG Zoeliakie


IG Zoeliakie is a patient organisation (legal: non-profit organisation) that engages with the concerns of those affected by coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis and informs about all aspects of gluten-free diets and living with coeliac disease. The executive board, various working groups and the secretariat deal with works in progress and develop projects. Public relations, among other things, is a large part of IG Zoeliakie's work.

The gluten-free symbol (an ear of corn crossed out in a circle) is a registered trademark (Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property, trademark no. 444919 SHAB Br. 121 from 26.06.2006) on a national and international level as well as in the United States of America. Coeliac societies own the worldwide copyright for this symbol. (in German)




Hotellerie Suisse

hotelleriesuisse is the centre of excellence for the Swiss hotel industry and the trade association which represents the interests of the nationally and internationally oriented hotel establishments.

Since 1882, hotelleriesuisse, together with its 3000 members and 2000 hotels, has stood for a quality-conscious and forward-looking hotel and accommodation industry in Switzerland.

hotelleriesuisse adopts the symbol "tested and certified - for allergy sufferers" from Swiss Allergy Service. The label visible on allows the host to find a hotel just answering his need for a room suitable for people with allergies.




terzStiftung is a Swiss foundation operating as a representative body for mature people and as a service provider in the market for elderly people. Composed as a membership organization, terzStiftung maintains close ties to both private households from the target groups 50+ and professional partners in politics, media, research and the business sector. Her mission covers the promotion of the interests of mature people, of modern perspectives on elderly generations and of the socio-economic opportunities their active societal participation provides. For more information visit





The independent label GI GUTES INNENRAUMKLIMA® was created in order to examine influencing factors on indoor climates using standardised processes and in accordance with international standards. Experts from various countries consider it as pioneering.

This label makes it possible to live and work in pollutant-free rooms.  The key feature is taking accurate measurements to determine that indoor air is actually pollutant-free. This is not just important for those suffering from allergies but for everyone who knows that poison-free air is important for quality of life.

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